Left: FFA Champion Crossbred
2005 Missouri State Fair
Tag#5039, dam 345 - 2003 MSF Res Champion Hamp, sired by "Turbo". This was a "leftover" lamb after our 2005 sale. Shown by Ashleigh Hayes. Thanks Nacaela Greely for helping out.

Middle: FFA Res. Champ Natural
2005 Missouri State Fair
Tag# 5018. Another champion raised by dam 1006 - "Faith". Sired by "Mac".

Right - FFA Champion Hamp
FFA Grand Champion
Reserve Grand Champion Overall
2005 Missouri State Fair
"Top Gun" daughter raised by McIllrath Club Lambs. Shown by Ashleigh Hayes.


FFA Champion Hampshire
Grand Champion FFA Mkt Lamb Res Grand Champion Overall 2005 MO State Fair Market Lamb Shown by Ashleigh Hayes

Thanks Harold McIllrath for selling this outstanding "Top Gun" ewe. Hayes Show Lambs purchased from McIllrath Club Lambs these same "Top Gun" genetics in a buck. "Maverick" appears to be working well in our program. We are very pleased with his early offspring. We think you will like them, as well.


Tag# 5044
Final Answer daughter X Turbo

Eric Webb and family!

Nevada FFA Preview Show
Reserve Grand Champion

Saline FFA Preview
Middle Weight Champion

Purple Ribbon

Purchased at our
2005 private treaty sale.


Tag# 5010
"Mac" daughter X Turbo

Congratulations and Thanks for showing tag# 5047 (another "Mac" X "Turbo" - not pictured).

Missouri State Fair
2nd in class to Grand Champion

Clinton County Fair, Plattsburg
Grand Champion Market Lamb

Milley Heimsoth and family!

Purchased at our
2005 Private Treaty Sale

Missouri State Fair
Class Winner

NEMO Preview, Kirksville
Light Weight Division Champ

Saline FFA Preview, Marshall
Light Weight Division Champ

Andrew County Fair, Savannah
Reserve Grand Champ Market Lamb

Lamb, Platte County Fair
Reserve Grand Champ Market Lamb


  • Lightweight Division Champ (tag# 5010) – NEMO Preview Show (MO)

  • Lightweight Division Champ (tag# 5010) – Saline County Preview (MO)

  • Reserve Middle Weight Champ (tag# 5044) – Saline County Preview (MO)

  • Reserve Grand Champion Mkt Lamb(tag# 5044) – Nevada FFA Preview (MO)

  • Grand Champion Mkt Lamb (tag# 5052) – North Harrison FFA Eagleville (MO)

  • Reserve Lightweight Champ (tag# 5152) – Lenox Calf & Lamb Show (IA)

  • Champion Middle Weight (tag# 5085) – Lenox Calf & Lamb (IA)

  • Reserve Grand Champ (tag# 5010) – Andrew County Fair (MO)

  • Champion Suffolk Ewe (tag# 5005) – Andrew County Fair (MO)

  • Grand Champion Mkt Lamb (tag# 5013) – Mid Buchanan FFA (MO)

  • Champion Commercial Ewe (tag# 5119) – Mid Buchanan FFA (MO)

  • Grand Champion Mkt Lamb (tag# 5018) – Nodaway County Fair (MO)

  • Reserve Grand Champion Mkt Lamb (tag# 5013) – Nodaway County Fair (MO)

  • Grand (tag# 5013) Reserve (tag# 5055) and 3rd overall (tag# 5060) ADG Nodaway County Fair (MO)

  • Grand Champion Mkt Lamb (tag# 5047) – Clinton County Fair (MO)

  • Reserve Champion Mkt Lam (tag# 5010) – Platte county Fair (MO)

  • Grand Champion Mkt Lamb (tag# 5118) – Doniphan County Fair (KS)

  • Reserve Grand Champion Mkt Lamb (tag# 5080) – Doniphan County Fair (KS)

  • Champion Average Daily Gain (tag# 5080) – Doniphan County Fair (KS)

  • Grand Champion Pen of Three – Taylor County Fair (IA)

  • Reserve Grand Champion Mkt Lamb (tag#5081) – Wyandotte County Fair (KS)

  • Champion Cross Bred FFA Mkt Lamb (tag# 5038) – Missouri State Fair

  • Reserve Champion Natural Color FFA Mkt Lamb (tag# 5018) – Missouri State Fair

  • 10 class winners Missouri State Fair

  • Tag# 5134, 5135 and 5144 currently being shown in Oklahoma

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