Our commitment to being aggressive had us researching multiple ram options for 2020.  One hundred females will be bred to the following 6 powerful individuals via A.I. for early January lambs.  New for 2020, lambs will be available for viewing in our new location in Cameron MO


LOBO - A.I. Sire

Rank x Road Rage

Owned by Hobbs Show Lambs


Ring The Bell. - A.I. Sire

Drop The Mic x Polar Vortex x Burn


Going Commando - A.I. Sire

Drop the Mic x Allen 6383 ( Cat's PJ's x Chumley)

Owned by Rule Sheep Co


Sundown - A.I. Sire

Next Level x RSC F5014
(Polar Vortex x Burn)

Owned by Rule Sheep Co


Bucket List - A.I. Sire

Sired by Animal (2018 MWSRS High Seller)
Dam:  Free Agent (Mount Up x Optimus Prime)

Bred by Sloan
Raised by Diamond C


Road Trip - A.I. Sire

Sired by Road Rage
Dam sired by OCD

Owned by Roger and Sandy Thomas
Raised by Hayes-Sloan Show Lambs

Semen available.  Contact Cody (816.649.8677)  for details.


Road Rage - A.I. Sire

Shower Chicken x Fate

Raised by Middlesworth Club Lambs
Owned by Hobbs Show Lambs and Hassebrook Show Lambs


Drop The Mic. - A.I. Sire

Anarchy X Burn X Unleaded

Res Grd San Antonio
Grd Ohio State Fair

Owned by Rule Sheep Co.

Anarchy – Sire of Drop the Mic

  O.C.D. - A.I. Sire

Beastmode x Angry Dragon's Sister (Burn x Scarlett J)

Owned by Rule Sheep Company

Balls - A.I. Sire

OCD x Doc Holiday

Owned by Rule Sheep Co.

  El Chapo - A.I. Sire


Owned by Kennedy Livestock, Harrell, & Sharpton
  Birthday Pony - A.I. Sire


Owned by Kennedy Livestock & Double W Club Lambs
Raised by Neff Livestock
  Jungle Fever - A.I. Sire

Gunsmoke x Stud Duck

Raised by Allen Show Lambs and Schmitz Farms


Photo Coming Soon!


Ghostbusters - A.I. Sire

Pure Enough x Pearl (All Jacked Up x Trailblazer)

Owned & Raised by Prunty/Dryer

We purchased an outstanding set of Dorset ewe lambs from Sidwell, Heath Williams, & Prunty/Dryer.  Excited to start the Dorset journey!! 


Centerfold - AI Sire

Sire: Burn
Dam: Gunslinger

Centerfold Semen wasn't cheap, but our decision to incorporate one of the Nations leading wether sires into our program, we hope, shows everyone how committed we are to continuing to improve our flock and raise quality driven club lambs that can compete on all levels.

We feel like this guy has a track record that speaks for itself. We are incredibly excited to get his lambs on the ground and take things to another level both in the show ring and in production through his daughters.

Owned by MacLennan Club Lambs and Wheaton Hampshires


Diamond Eyes - AI Sire

Sire: Bonafide
Dam: X-Rated Junior

Reserve Champion Hampshire - 2014 American Royal Reserve
Grand Champion - 2014 Top of Texas
Grand Champion - 2014 Iowa State Fair Open Show
Champion White Face Cross - 2014 NWSS

Reserve Grand Champion - 2014 Top of Texas Jr Livestock Show
Reserve Champion Sufflok - 2013 NAILE
Reserve Champion Natural - 2013 NAILE
Grand Champion Market Lamb - 2013 South Dakota State Fair
Champion Lightweight - 2013 Minnesota State Fair
Reserve Champion Heavyweight - 2013 Ohio State Fair

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  Fort Worth - AI Sire

Sire: Burn
Dam: Incognito

Maternal sibling to the Reserve Chamion Wether - 2012 Ft Worth Stock Show

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  Hustler - 2014 Keeper Ram

Sire: Pimp Juice
Dam: Swager 100

Never have we been this excited to kick out a buck and see what we can do. This Pimp Juice son may be the best one we've ever raised. Perfect in terms of his skeleton, round ribbed, great from the side and huge muscled… and bred with genetics among the industry’s best.

Gizmo - 2015 Keeper Ram

Sire:  Grizz (Dee Brothers)
Dam:  Maker's Mark (McIllrath Club Lambs)

When we called Dee Brothers and committed to Grizz Semen our intentions were to produce a buck prospect that was stout, trendy, and could really take our flock in the direction we wanted it to go. Call it skill, or call it luck, but that's exactly what happened with Gizmo.

Gizmo is incredibly stout legged, bold ribbed, massive built sheep that's extra opened up all of the way through. He still remains square and correct on his feet and legs and complements power with absolutely no sacrifice to grow extension.

We have the bar set extremely high for this guy and are excitted to see what the future holds with Gizmo!


Milkman - 2015 Keeper Buck

Sire:  Diamond Eyes
Dam:  Rockstar

Just like most of the good ones do, Milkman comes with a story. Born as a quintuplet and raised on a milk machine, this guy as a baby may be the coolest one that's ever ran around the farm.

This guy was so exceptional and did so well on the machine we left him on it too long - needless to say, he took weaning off the machine really hard and we spent a majority of the Spring and early Summer just trying to get flesh back on him. But through our poor management he never lost his look, round rib design, and impeccable skeletal quality.

Genetically, he comes from Diamond Eyes who's ability to consistently sire quality is second to none. And then even more importantly his mother stands at our farm as one of the true cornerstones of our operation....with a lineage that can be traced back over 16 years. To top it off consistency of that mating was incredible, as well, with three sisters being three of the best females in our 2015 lamb crop. We let one go to Oklahoma, 2 were bred to Gizmo.

Long story short, Milkman is a genetic giant with visual quality to burn and we are ecstatic about his future with us!


Tag# 1626  |  RR-NN

Sire: 100
Sire of Dam: Nick (Masterpiece grandson)

We would like to extend our sincere appreciation to Brad and Deb Ott for allowing us to purchase this exciting 100 son. Swagger is extremely modern and intriguing in is look and skeleton. He's nearly perfect in terms of his skeletal squareness and stoutness, driven up in his chest floor, and extra level and wide in his pin set. We're awfully excited about incorporating this guy into our breeding program!



Sire: T-Bone
Sire of Sire: Zeus

According to Deb Ott – "T-Bow's dam had the 2008 Tulsa State Fair Grand Champion lamb. She is one of those ewes that always has a good lamb no matter what sired her lambs. Our son Cody showed her at the Oklahoma Youth Expo. I can't remember for sure, but I think she was 1st or 2nd in her class there. We kept the twin sister to your ram in our flock".

Thanks again to Deb and Brad for selling us – what we think – will be another great addition to our "ram power" from Ott Club Lambs!



Sire: Presume
Sire of Dam: Power Drive

Paws is as close to being right for the industry as we have seen. He is massive boned, hug footed (giving him the name Paws) and has that cool look to go along with it…..and shag!! It’s amazing how he combines all that and to still be as cool in his chest floor. Thanks to KNC Trifecta for selling us 1/2 interest in this awesome buck.


Tag# 8045  |  RR-NN

Sire: CB
Sire of Dam: Top Gun

Another purchase from McIlrath's 2008 Production Sale. CB is a Profile son on a Power Horse daughter. This was Harold's pick of the rams at Sedalia in 2005. CB has done a tremendous job for McIlrath's. We feel that we made an excellent decision in adding these same genetics to our program and look forward to letting you be the judge.


Tag# 5001

Sire: Top Gun
Dam: 2001 daughter

A special thanks to McIlrath/Wattonville/Schmitz Club lambs for giving us the opportunity to purchase this outstanding buck. We are very pleased with his early lambs. He continues to produce champions year and year including the Overall Grand Champion market lamb at the 2011 Missouri State Fair.


Tag# 8060  |  RR-NN

Sire: Cash (CB son)
Sire of Dam: 212

Like his Sire, Showtime is a very complete ram with tremendous amount of muscle and balance. He has an awesome profile.


The following 2 bucks are deceased...
but the outstanding genetics are still apart of our program through their top ewes we retained.
Altemeier# 2033  |  RR-NS

Sire: Harms 2001 "Star"
Sire of Dam: Trump

He is a 2001 son purchased privately from Butch Altemeier.

This Ram has a tremendous amount of style and eye appeal and passes on great hip and leg muscling.

Sired Many Champions including 2003 and 2004 Missouri State Fair Grand Champion 4-H market Lambs.



McIlrath's# 2095 |  RR-NN

Sire: 212
Sire of Dam: Jackpot son

This 212 X Jackpot son was the 3rd High Selling Buck in Harold McIlrath's 2002 Production Sale.

We are very anxious to lamb our "Turbo" daughters that have been bred to "Mac".

Sired Champion FFA Market Lamb – Overall Grand Champion Market Lamb 2004 Missouri State Fair