Hayes/Sloan Show Lambs was started in Northwest Missouri nearly 20 years ago. We are a family owned operation that has established a reputation with principles and values breeding champions since 2000. We have a genuine enthusiasm for what we do with a real understanding of what is involved for our customers to succeed. We are dedicated to recognizing customer needs by producing superior quality lambs that directly and positively impact the industry for your commercial breeding stock or show project. Our high standard and commitment to cleanliness, with strict attention to animal health and comfort, insure lambs can perform and thrive in their new homes and management system.

As of January of 2020, we have made the final transition in moving our flock/program to Cameron. All of the ewes/lambs now reside at Cody and Ashleigh's which is about 4 miles off of the I-35 / Highway 36 Intersection.  For our 2021 lamb crop, once again, we have made aggressive decisions for genetic progression. We continue to breed our entire flock (around 100 ewes) to the very best A.I. semen available for purchase.  As always, call or text if you have any questions about our program. And check out our FOR SALE page for more info.

Deb and Steve Hayes

Cody Sloan


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